Solutions Showcase

Brix Content Management

Merging the best of both worlds between easily managed static content sites and completely custom interactive sites, Brix is the framework of choice for Apache Wicket developers. As committers and contributors to both Brix and the associated Plugins project, Mauswerks is ideally positioned to deliver solutions using Brix.

Atlassian Products

Forward-thinking allocate part of their budgets to tools that will maximally leverage their investment in development resources. The Atlassian suite of products is the gold standard for developer collaboration tools. Mauswerks has installed dozens of these suites, and can quickly get your team up and running, including on-site training.

Hosting Solutions

Our enterprise-grade hosting solutions use the latest technologies from a host of the leading vendors. Hosting in a SAS-70 compliant data center, Mauswerks is focused on security and performance as a matter of course.

Custom Development

With extensive involvement in open source Java development for over ten years, Mauswerks is not just one of the most qualified vendors for software development, it is one of the most experienced. All our projects have used combinations of Apache, Spring, and JBoss frameworks, and we are continually adding technologies to our repertoire.