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Brian Topping, principal of Mauswerks, has been developing network software since his days in college in the 1980's. Starting with "shareware" (a precursor to what we know as open source today) for then-new Macintosh computers, Brian then created a diskless boot chip for the Macintosh II series when nobody was around to warn that it hadn't been done before. With stints at Apple, Oracle and many other Silicon Valley companies, he has a legacy of working with clients to propose solutions and get them done without fanfare or needless expense.

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"Brian (and Mauswerks) worked with ITDatabase on a number of development / architecture / scale issues we were facing. We were referred to him by an open source project contributor, and came to learn that Brian was very involved with / respected by a number of projects related to Java / Linux / open source. In working with us, Brian inherited somewhat of an emergency: an extremely brittle codebase that needed drastic cleanup to support the types of additional features we were interested in, and an immediate switch to a new host (after our host informed us that they would no longer support our application "stack"). Brian hit the ground running and solved all of these issues for us and more. In the process, he also made us a much tighter ship - getting us much more disciplined about release schedules and "Agile" development, and getting us set up with a number of Atlassian products (JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo) that did wonders for our overall organization and discipline. Brian has tremendous technical creativity, but at the same time knows how to rein things in and keep projects moving forward. I would highly recommend Brian for any technical project - from application development to enterprise architecture to systems administration / scale issues. This guy (and his company, Mauswerks) can do it all."

Travis Van, Founder,

"Brian provided some very helpful insights at the outside of creating my system architecture. His knowledge of the state-of-the-art in software systems and development methodologies is exceptional."

Bret Foreman, Founder and President, Gardenomics, Inc.

"Brian offered direction and methodologies which were valuable in moving the project forward. I always appreciate Brian's eagerness and willingness to engage a situation and shed light on it from a new perspective."

Steven Echtman, Founder and CEO,

"I worked with Brian on an open source project called Dentaku. Brian's vision was way ahead of the curve here. His idea of how Model Driven Development could accelerate the development of web applications matched mine and in 2005 was ahead of it's time. Brian's ideas, speed of development and skill really mark him out as being exceptional. He would be a part of my dream team if I ever got to put one together."

David Wynter, Managing Director, STPenable Ltd.

"Brian is one of the most talented developers I've had the pleasure to work with. His assistance with the initial architectural design of SportZing proved invaluable. Brian's experience and knowledge of many diverse technologies is quite apparent. I'm confident that the advice and recommendations he provided are the right choices for our application. He is very personable and is a pleasure to work with. I really look forward to working with Brian again."

Tauren Mills, President, SportZing, Inc.